Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CTA - Chicago's Own... Or Is It?

As a returning Chicagoan from pre-Rahm days, I am struck the most by the changes to the CTA and the school system.  But for this rant, the CTA and the overall look & feel that is Chicago.  

Now, while it is entirely possible that these changes were in the process before he took office, he gets the blame. Ventra? Really? "Faster?" Isn't that their tag line? Not! I tap, wait & then go. More often than not, I walk into the turnstile that is not ready, stop, look back, the person behind me almost walks into me, then it says Enter.  What was wrong with the Chicago card?  What?!  Why are we selling off our city?  First, Daley & the parking, and now Rahm & the CTA.  Macy's?  US Cellular field?  Willis Towers?  $4 to park on the street and now Ventra.  Our breathtaking skyline cards were uniquely Chicago and a keepsake all their own. Ventra?  It could be anything and is.  

Now, the new seating on the train.  This is Chicago not that other city these were copied from.  It seems like less seating, although technically there may be more.  People don't sit in this style so it is actually less.  I am 5'6" (shush in my head I am), and I walked into the stupid hanging straps.  Who is that for?  Sure we had them before, but not nearly as many.  If you are shorter than 6', they turn you into a rag doll when the train makes it's inevitable numerous jerky stops. Really? Who are they for?  Not the average height woman, that's for certain.  And since chivalry is mostly dead in our society, much to my chagrin, even in my beloved city, men don't get up to let women sit, so move the stupid straps or figure out how to make them helpful, please.

Windy City Diva

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