Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunscreen Options

Sunscreen FDA Updates & An Option
Do you know what the number after SPF on your sunscreen stands for?  I will tell you!  
As some of you may know, recently the FDA created new rules for how companies must label their sunscreen products. 
Know the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen.

The number that follows "SPF".  Sun Protection Factor indicates the level of overall protection and the number of minutes the sunscreen is effective.  So if yours if SPF 50 and you are in the sun for 2 hours, you need to apply it 20-30 minutes prior to going out into the sun, and then every 50 minutes afterwards.  

Do you have the proper SPF level on your shelf or in your bag?  Do you apply it properly based on the number?   The final proposed regulation would limit the maximum SPF level at 50+.  (Source:

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