Saturday, August 28, 2010

Davenport's Review - A Piano Bar in Chicago

The room was empty at 8:50 PM and full by 9:20 PM.  The music began promptly at 9 PM with the piano/vocalist crooning the standards.  He was not offensive and fairly pleasant sounding.  My friend commented he sounds like every other piano lounge singer, every song sounds the same, which when you think about it, that could be worse.  But then a female vocalist grabbed the mic and belted out a couple of show tunes that were far better than average.  Get this!  She worked there as a hostess.  It was great.  Then another female vocalist took the mic and she was our waitress!  Again, belting out hit songs & show tunes we all know and love with perfect pitch.

The service was reasonably good, the drink (Vodka/Tonic) was good and the crowd was a pleasant group of friends who all seemed to know each other.  The environment was conducive for our private conversation, their party and I'm sure other small groups.  It is not a large venue, but certainly fits several small groups wanting to do their own thing.  The piano is situated in the middle which easily allows the music to be heard and interacted with from everywhere in the lounge.

Davenport's also has a cabaret show, but we did not venture into there.  I will in the future and give  a review then.  

Please let me know if this review helped you select to visit Davenport's, or if different or additional information would be more helpful in the review.  

The website is  Go by there and sing along with a good drink.

~ Windy City Diva

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